Mobile Security: Threats and Consequences

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January 26, 2017
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February 3, 2017
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Mobile Security: Threats and Consequences

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Without doubt, mobile devices, especially smartphones have become our best friends. We use them to make calls, take photos, shop online, bank, store personal or office data, watch videos, listen to music, and socialize. We use them for almost everything; they have become both a high financial and emotional value.

In Africa, the smartphone penetration, according to recent reports by GSMA Intelligence, is at 46 per cent and is projected to grow upto 54 per cent by 2020 with Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa being some of the most technologically advanced nations pushing the high usage of data.

The steady growth of use of mobile devices has increased the risks of loss of data, breach of privacy as it gives hackers a new venture to attack.

Owing to the importance we attach to our smartphones; losing them or the information they store a real hassle; thus the need for mobile security knowledge and software (s) to aid the same.

If you lose your mobile device, you not only have to replace it, but you could also lose the sensitive information you had stored on it, including account numbers and confidential work information.

You own a smartphone? Here are the risks and the dangers you are exposed to:

Device loss or theft: Loss of a mobile devise leads to loss of sensitive personal and employer information such as contacts, calendars and photos. This also can end up to breach of your privacy. In a worst-case scenario, you could become a victim of identity theft with your email and social media accounts compromised. You will also incur financial losses as you will need to eat into your budget to replace the device.

Phishing: These are often delivered via emails, texts and social networking sites. The sources of such malicious links target sensitive information like login details or credit card numbers. If you become a victim of this attack, unauthorized withdrawals made might be made from your bank account or malicious information be posted on your social media accounts.

Malware and spyware: This compromises personal information—you could even become a victim of identity theft. The cyber attackers would demand for pay having held your data at ransom, also, unauthorized charges could appear on your mobile bill. Others may listen in on your phone calls.

Quick Response (QR) codes: You could accidentally download a malicious application. Your personal information could be compromised, or your device could cease to function properly

Wi-Fi networks: You could connect to an unsecured network, and the data you send, including sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers, could potentially be intercepted

So, why do so many of us leave our mobile devices unprotected and not use mobile security?

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