Data Privacy: Mind your online reputation

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Data Privacy: Mind your online reputation

Online Reputation

Internet provides an opportunity for all to learn new things, do business, connect with interesting people, contribute on trending topics and to be part of good courses focusing particular issues in the society.

But when you use the interenet, everytime you tweet, post, blog, comment, play a game or fill a form to join a course, the internet has a away of remembering you and what you do.

Also, there are people who are keen on what you do and could be interested on what your online acconts hold and would be planning to hack them.

All your online activities add up to make your digital footprints; a colection of what you have ever done online. Digital Footprints tells the world all about you.

Make a good impression on your digital footprints; because people will always judge you by what they see online.

Tips on how to keep a good reputation online

1. Presenting yourself well by having a decent profile, mind your language and always share helpful or productive content.

2. Always reflect instead of reacting: think about the reactions of your audience before posting or sharing anything. Rememe that internet does not forget.

3. Keep your online information or private: consider modifying privacy and search settings on your social network accounts. Ensure that only friends with whom you don’t mind sharing your personal life or photos will have access to that information.

4. Audit yourself: Search your name online. Are you happy with what shows up on the search engine? Consider working on the aspects that you feel do not portray you in a good way.

“Internet safety or online safety, is the knowledge of maximizing the user’s personal safety against security risks to private information and property associated with using the Internet, and the self-protection from computer crime in general.”

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